Company introduction
Superb management
A scientifically optimized organization is a good foundation for enterprise operation. In the long-term running-in and practice process, the company has created an excellent management team. Through the active introduction and training of talents, the optimization of human resources has been significantly improved, the internal management system of the enterprise has been fully improved, the service relationship and division of responsibilities between departments are clear, the decision-making is more flexible, and the internal information is unimpeded.

01.员工180名 02.研发设计人员25名
180 employees 25 researchers and designers
03.质量管理人员12名 04.项目管理人员10名
12 quality control staffs 10 project management staffs
Installation and debugging and 5 people have been trained
Cooperative team
Our company always regards talent cultivation as the foundation for enterprise development. Through trainings at various levels, in multiple forms and from varied channels, we cultivate all kinds of talents. Company continuously introduces experienced senior and intermediate talents, enhances the reserve of talents, stresses a variety of disciplines, and emphasizes the combination of theory and practical experience, so as to provide customers with services of "sincerity, fairness, high quality and high efficiency" through our powerful technical strength.